Administer CloudBees Jenkins Solutions

CloudBees Jenkins Solutions help bring continuous integration and continuous deployment quickly and reliably to organizations of all shapes and sizes. Both CloudBees Jenkins Team and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise are built on-top of components that have been tested for their compatibility, interoperability, and functionality.

Shared Services Admin

A key role in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is the "Shared Services Administrator" who typically would be responsible for managing and scaling continuous integration and continuous delivery across the organization. Since CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is composed of a number of management tools and patterns, administration tasks are different from that of a traditional Jenkins Instance Administrator.

Instance Admin

The primary administrative role for CloudBees Jenkins Team and an additional role for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is the "Instance Administrator," who would typically be responsible for a single project's continuous integration and delivery requirements. The administration tasks for a CloudBees Jenkins Team, or CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise "Managed Master", are similiar to those of a traditional Jenkins Instance Administrator, with additional tooling for stable plugin upgrades courtesy of the CloudBees Assurance Program.

Feature Comparison

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Better suited for larger organizations with mission-critical deployments.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise includes enterprise-grade features enabling administrators to massively scale Jenkins across an organization. These features encompass areas such as security, auditability, cluster management, and high availability.

CloudBees Jenkins Team

Better suited for smaller, silo'd, development environments.

Feature Description
Highly scalable environments The only cloud-native, distributed pipeline architecture for elastic and multi-tenanted build environments
Resilient and highly available Self-healing Jenkins infrastructure with automatic master and failover, as well as automatic build restarts after a failure
Enterprise-grade management Provision masters for teams with one-click provisioning to instantly onboard new projects and teams
Security and compliance tooling Reduce risk with granular security access controls for projects.
Feature Description
Rock-solid distribution Worry-free upgrades Rigorously tested Jenkins core
Verified integrations Curated community plugins for extending and integrating other tools with Jenkins Verified plugin interoperability and functionality for plugins’ core use-cases Predictable, worry-free upgrades with an upgrade simulator for reporting what components changed between distribution releases -
CloudBees Support integration Support from CloudBees' Jenkins experts Access to CloudBees Network, a hub for Jenkins training, and for developer and administrator resources.