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CloudBees Core

CloudBees Core is an end-to-end continuous software delivery system. It offers stable releases with monthly updates, as well as additional proprietary tools and enterprise features to enhance the manageability and security of Jenkins. CloudBees Core helps administrators manage growing installations due to ever-increasing teams, projects and jobs while getting professional support on Jenkins.

CloudBees Core on modern cloud platforms is designed to run on Kubernetes.

CloudBees Core on traditional platforms has been developed for on-premise installations.

Refer to the CloudBees Core feature comparision for details.

CloudBees DevOptics

Visibility and insights to measure, manage, and optimize your software delivery.

CloudBees CodeShip

Ship faster with CI/CD as a Service. No more waiting for builds to start when speed and reliability are critical.

Flexible, governed continuous delivery designed for on-premise deployments.


CloudBees Starter Kit

CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics

Three teams, three CI/CD servers with unlimited number of users, three gold support contacts, unlimited online training.

Flexible, governed continuous delivery with the high availability and scalability of Kubernetes.

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution

CloudBees Jenkins Distribution provides development teams with a highly dependable, secure Jenkins environment curated from the most recent supported Jenkins release. The distribution comes with a recommended catalog of tested plugins available through the CloudBees Assurance Program.

Upgrades are now a smooth, seamless experience with the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant.

The Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant works in parallel with the CloudBees Assurance Program to provide a centralized view of the monitored Jenkins plugins, as well as recommended actions and configuration options.

The included CloudBees Jenkins Advisor keeps an eye out for potential issues and recommendations and sends you email notifications with suggestions tailored to your installation.

Jenkins X

CI/CD for Modern Cloud Applications on Kubernetes. Jenkins X provides automated CI/CD for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes, enabling developers to quickly establish solid and secure development pipelines for continuous delivery and best practices.

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