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CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center administration guide

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This guide applies to both CloudBees Core on traditional platforms and CloudBees Core on modern cloud platforms when Operations Center is used.

CloudBees Core has two components - the Client Master and the Operations Center. The Client Master is a Jenkins master, whose main function is to coordinate the building of projects such as Pipelines.

When a CloudBees Core installation consists of two or more Client Masters, it is usually a good idea to install an Operations Center instance to manage these Client Masters. The Operations Center provides centralized management for the following key features of a Client Master:

  • Security and role-based access controls, which controls access to different Client Masters, as well as various Pipeline projects and jobs on each Client Master.

  • Credentials, typically used to access secured external resources in Pipeline projects and jobs.

  • Agents, which can be shared amongst different Client Masters.

Operations Center also provides other management features for Client Masters.


Traditionally, the Jenkins user interface (UI) has concentrated on build jobs as the primary top level items within Jenkins. A number of CloudBees plugins have extended the model somewhat, e.g. the Folders plugin introduced folders as a container top level item, the CloudBees update center plugin introduced hosted Jenkins update centers as a top level item.

Operations Center introduces some additional top level items. This section details the top level items and other concepts that are used in Operations Center.

Operations Center server

The Operations Center is a special type of Jenkins instance that acts as the central authority in an Operations Center cluster.

Client Master

A CloudBees Jenkins Platform Jenkins master, which can be joined to the Operations Center cluster.

Shared agent

Shared agents are special resources created on the Operations Center server that can be leased out to Client Masters on demand to provide build resources. Agents were formerly known as slaves.

Shared cloud

In addition to shared agents, cloud providers can be used to provision temporary shared agents when demand exceeds that available from the shared agents.


The folders plugin provides a key top level item used for scoping the availability of resources. For example, credentials/shared agents/shared clouds/etc defined within a folder will only be available to items within the folder or contained sub-folders.


Each standalone Client Master must have a valid license in order to use CloudBees Jenkins Platform’s features. A license for Operations Center includes the capability to generate sub-licenses for the Client Masters that form part of the Operations Center cluster.