Administering CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides Operations Center and Managed Masters as a service on most public and private cloud providers - including Amazon Web Services (AWS). CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise provides enterprise-grade features and capabilities which help organizations scale continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD).

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise includes verified integrations and worry-free upgrades with the CloudBees Assurance Program.

This guide assumes the administrators and organization have completed an initial technical engagement with CloudBees experts to install and perform basic configurations to the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise cluster. This guide is meant to enable administrators interested in customizing some configurations, scaling their cluster, on-boarding new teams, or simply learning more about CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise’s architecture.

This guide covers the following key use-cases for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise:

  • Offering CD as a Service to internal teams with Managed Masters and templatized agents

  • Centrally securing the cluster with Operations Center and Role-based Access Control

  • Ensuring cluster availability, stability, and compliance with the CloudBees Assurance Program, Managed Masters, and Cluster Operations

  • Elastically scaling the cluster with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise’s workers and controllers


Getting started

Entrust your enterprise DevOps initiative to the only cloud-native Distributed Pipeline Architecture for limitless scale and expansion. On-demand provisioning enables teams to start new projects in minutes. Enterprise features enable administrators to centrally manage teams and securely share best practices.

Offering CD as a Service

Empower teams to focus on delivering value, not maintaining Jenkins, by offering Continuous Delivery as a Service to internal teams.


Centrally secure the cluster

Isolate and enforce teams' compliance from a central dashboard. Import existing users and groups from your organization’s authentication server and assign them role-based access to resources in the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise cluster.

Ensure cluster availability, stability, and compliance

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise ensures availability with self-healing Jenkins infrastructure. Resources automatically recover and your CD pipelines automatically restart, preventing costly downtime.


Expert support

Receive engineer-to-engineer help and guidance from the experts at CloudBees, many of whom are CCJPE-certified and Jenkins open source committers.

Reference architecture and materials

Advanced administrators can deepen their expertise by reading more about how CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise works and its architecture, what its components are, and some advanced networking configurations.