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Administer Instances

Managing Plugins

Plugins are the primary means of enhancing the functionality of CloudBees products to suit organization-specific and user-specific needs. More than a thousand plugins are available. Plugins integrate various build tools, cloud providers, analysis tools, and much more.

Plugins can be automatically downloaded, with their dependencies, from the Update Center. The Update Center is a service operated by CloudBees that provides an inventory of compatible and verified plugins supported by CloudBees products. Plugins that are compatible come directly from the Jenkins project, whereas verified plugins are part of the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) and undergo additional testing and verification by CloudBees. CAP is a key feature of CloudBees products and ensures greater reliability and security of essential plugins and their dependencies.

This section covers everything from the basics of installing plugins , managing plugin upgrades, and configuring CloudBees Assurance Program for CloudBees products.

'Manage Plugins' link on the 'Manage Jenkins' page

From the Manage Plugins page there are four tabs: Updates, Available, Installed, and Advanced.


The Available tab lists the complete set of plugins available for installation to the instance, as shown below.

'Available Plugins' link in 'Manage Plugins'

To install plugins, check the box to the left of the desired plugin(s) and then click on Install without restart or Download now and install after restart at the bottom of the page.

In order to determine what plugins have been installed in the instance, click on the Installed tab, which will alphabetically list the currently installed plugins and their versions.

'Installed Plugins' link in 'Manage Plugins'


After navigating to Manage Plugins, under the Updates tab the most recent plugin updates will be listed as they become available to the instance.

The Updates tab behaves similarly to the Available tab, insofar as plugins which have updates are listed. Check the box adjacent to the plugins which should be updated, and then click the Download now and install after restart button at the bottom of the page.

After all the plugin updates have been downloaded, restart the instance.

CloudBees Assurance Program

The primary administrator interface for the CloudBees Assurance Program is the Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant which provides a centralized view of the monitored Jenkins plugins, recommended actions, and configuration options. Unless otherwise disabled by an administrator, every Managed Master, Team Master, Client Master or CloudBees Jenkins Team master supported by CloudBees is "enrolled" in the CloudBees Assurance Program.

To learn more about how the CloudBees Assurance Program allows administrators to review and install upgrades for plugins and core, refer to the CloudBees Assurance Program documentation for more information.