CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Jenkins Platform

CloudBees Jenkins Platform is a continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) solution that extends Jenkins. Developed for on-premise installations, CloudBees Jenkins Platform offers stable releases with monthly updates, as well as additional proprietary tools and enterprise features to enhance the manageability and security of Jenkins. CloudBees Jenkins Platform helps administrators manage growing installations due to ever-increasing teams, projects and jobs while getting professional support on Jenkins.

The development of CloudBees Jenkins Platform is led by key contributors (including the founder) from the Jenkins project and provides add-on plugins that focus on typical Jenkins-related growth challenges faced by enterprises.

Organizations can leverage CloudBees Jenkins Platform to realize CD across the enterprise, with features such as such as Pipeline templates, Pipeline checkpoints, Operations Center and role-based access control. A subscription to CloudBees Jenkins Platform entitles users to access Jenkins support, Jenkins training, the knowledge base and a dedicated customer success manager.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Components

CloudBees Jenkins Platform consists of two components - Client Masters and an optional Operations Center:

  • A Client Master is a Jenkins master [1] that is configured with CloudBees' proprietary tools and enterprise features in addition to the functionality of a standard Jenkins master. A CloudBees Jenkins Platform installation may consist of one or more manually installed Client Masters.

  • Existing Client Masters can then be connected to a Operations Center, which in turn is able to centrally manage key features amongst each connected Client Master. This configuration is appropriate for small to medium companies running CloudBees Jenkins Platform.


1. A Jenkins master is a Jenkins instance, whose main function is to coordinate build projects, such as Pipelines.