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DevOptics User Guide

Introducing DevOptics

DevOptics™ is your DevOps radar. It allows organizations to measure, analyze, and manage DevOps. DevOptics provides a comprehensive view of the status of your CD platform as well as software value streams, correlated from data collected across software delivery pipelines. It acts as a single source of truth to analyze and continually optimize the flow of value from idea to production.

  • Built in Value Streams capabilities make it easy to map then actively measure and manage your software delivery process and activities.

  • Industry-standard DevOps metrics allow you to measure performance across teams to leverage best practices and enable continuous improvement.

  • CD platform monitoring (Run Insights) capabilities allow you to track availability, usage and team engagement of your CD platforms to ensure they are optimally supporting your software delivery activities.

Getting started

Follow these steps to start using DevOptics:

  1. Sign up for the Free version. If you have an active subscription, sign in at

  2. Setup and configure the DevOptics plugin on one or more Jenkins masters.