Table of contents

Installing Jenkins X


This guide shows you how to install the Jenkins X command line interface (CLI) program on the following platforms:

For instructions on upgrading Jenkins X, refer to Upgrading Jenkins X.

What is Jenkins X?

Jenkins X is a continuous integration and continuous delivery solution that uses modern, scalable cloud infrastructure to provide manageability, security, and best practices.

Deploying Jenkins X in your environment provides several benefits, including:

  • Automate the setup of your environments and CI/CD pipelines for building cloud native applications

  • Help your team accelerate the delivery of value to your customers

  • Generate immutable releases on each merge to master

  • Deploy dynamic Preview Environments on each pull request to help your team review and collaborate on changes before you merge


Jenkins X requires the following supported services installed and configured prior to installation:

  • Git services: GitHub. You will need to create a GitHub organization for Jenkins X. You will also need to create a GitHub "bot" account/username that can be utilized by Jenkins X.


To install Jenkins X, your environment needs:

  • Internet access is required for the two key features during setup:

    • Access to a publicly accessible Docker Hub.

    • Account access to a remote Git provider. GitHub is recommended.

  • A local machine that has a terminal application with a command-line (cli) shell such as bash or zsh for performing commands using the jx program.